Diwali Corporate Gifts and Gift Ideas for Corporate Friends

Diwali is an excellent time for Indian company community. The companies take it as brilliant opportunity to fabricate association with employees, associates, and customers by pampering them. Diwali is one of the biggest occasions for appreciating the efforts of your co-workers and clients also. A careful and surprising Corporate Diwali Present expresses your best wishes & gratitude in an excellent manner and thus helps fortify the bond of conviction between you two.

Corporate presents can be exclusive in a way as if the company has its logo or name on the gift; it can also promote the business. An out of the box thinking about the placement of traditional marketing items and exclusive marketing items advertise your company.

Unique Business or marketing issues create long-lasting impressions and ensure a positive gesture that resonates with your brand and company customers, channel associates, co-workers as well.

A practically extensive variety of marketing items, from inexpensive business executive presents such as pure desi ghee candies, dry fruits, and veggies, homemade candies to demonstrate pieces to tabletop clocks, to more expensive and exclusive presents such as electronics & apparel are available in the industry.

Besides the conventional ones, an extensive variety of private company gifting concepts is available in the marketplace. The rising popularity of custom marketing items, customized and unique gift items has given wings to creativity. You can use your imagination and design the hamper of a package of candies, dry fruits and veggies, candies and assorted presents, customize bumper stickers to personalized pens.

The brain-storming wide range of variety is presented in the marketplace for company confuse managers in selecting the best company Diwali gift. We are here for you to get rid of worry with careful, accessible and appreciated company Diwali Presents.

-Gourmet Gifts

Diwali is the time to take satisfaction from on fantastic food. Fan presents are the most popular Diwali current for your employees. A variety of candies, dry fruits and veggies, and vegetables, biscuits, and sweets varies from few hundred rupees to countless numbers. This new current reveals your amazing wishes for your individual co-workers and colleagues. Modern noticeable current effects by ‘Haldiram,’ ‘Cadbury’s,’ ‘Bikaji’ etc. are a smart idea.

-Electronic Gadgets

Gifting an Electronic system is also a well-known, respected Diwali corporate gifts. Here the resources is a primary concern. The traditional system provides for Diwali include iPods, cameras, handy-cam, MP3 Players and DVD Players. Devices like steam Steel, Toaster ranges, Microwave, Coffee-Makers, and Electronic Containers also find their place in this category. If the resources are pretty high LCD TVs and Laptops are the best choice.


The custom of giving Crockery is still the most popular present on Diwali. A range of bar components to one who likes hard drinks or tea or dinner set or some stylish glasses is an attractive Diwali present. If the budget allows going for gold coated tea places or other components.

Other recommended Diwali presents for corporate include works of art, candlestick stands, statues, decorative flower accents, puja components gold pencils, silver coins, profile bags, business coordinators, time-pieces, rollercoaster places, reading lights, presents and table books.

Corporate Gifts are an Integral Element of Customer Satisfaction


The business does not operate in a vacuum. In it is an organism that thrives to survive in an intricate ecosystem of relationships. These relationships may include regulators, service providers, suppliers and customers. It is generally against the law to offer anything of value to regulatory officials over and above the official payments in most countries. However, corporate gifts can be an important pillar that supports a business’ customer strategy. They are also important in cementing business relationships with suppliers and other service providers.

Suppliers and Service Providers

Every business depends to some extent on supplies from another company. There are several instances when it is necessary to win the heart and mind of the supplier, for example, if the raw material in question is in short supply. Corporate gifts can be used a gesture of business friendship, and over time the business may be able to obtain certain business privileges from the supplier. Where the business has managed to build a strong relationship with the supplier, it is possible to negotiate marginal reductions in the cost of raw materials, as well as ask for more favourable credit terms. Even if the business does not employ any physical raw materials in production there are a number of services that it still requires. Frequently handing out corporate gifts may result in the service provider performing more exceptionally because everyone wants to feel that someone cares for them.


Customers want to feel special, and they want to be treated like kings. Corporate gifts are therefore an effective way of pleasing them. The economic term ��there is no free lunch’ is generally well understood in commerce so when you surprise your customers with freebies, they are taken by surprise and really start perceiving your business differently. You are able to create more customer satisfaction, leading to more sales and profitability. Freebies can also be used during the process of redressing customer complaints. It tells the customer that the business cares after all.

Best Time for Giving Out Freebies

It is generally good practice for the business to keep a stock of items that it gives out to customers or service providers time and again throughout the year. A service provider can be offered a small gift because they have called their technicians during a public holiday to repair a broken down server for example. An organisation can give out a gift to a customer who has referred more customers to them. However, the business should make a note to offer corporate gifts to customers during more popular holiday seasons such as Thanksgiving. This shows that the business has a human side, and it cares a lot about its customers. While it may be difficult to spend money on the entire customer base, a business with a segmented customer base may spend more on customers who bring in more value.

The Effect of Corporate Gifts on the Bottom Line

Corporate gifts do not have to be too extravagant. If you have some creative people within your marketing team, then they should be able to do quite amazing things with a modest budget. Freebies do not necessarily mean flying out the whole customer base for a holiday. It is all about the small things, the unexpected things. Do not give your customer something that they already have in their hand or man bag. Make it special, and special does not always mean expensive.

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