Berlin’s largest palace and the spectacular garden

The architecture of High Roman Baroque is remarkably visible in the largest and most beautiful palace of Berlin – Schloss Charlottenburg. It was initially built as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Elector Friedrich III. It was first built during the period 1695-99.
After the coronation of the Elector as King Friedrich I. of Prussia, the palace was extended by Eosander von Göthe from a summer residence to large palace. The summer residence forms the central part of the extended building.

Construction of palace

  • The extension took place in the style of palace at Versailles wherein the main building was extended and side axes were created around the courtyard.
  • The Great Orangery was constructed on the western wing, while the domed tower with tambour crowned the main building.
  • The eastern wing was constructed by Knobelsdorff from 1740-46
  • Palace theatre was constructed as an extension to orangery wing by Carl Langhans from 1787-91
  • During the Second World War the palace was badly damaged. It was rebuilt in the Fifties.

Attraction of the palace

Great Oak Gallery – a banqueting hall with magnificent carvings which was completed in 1713

Porcelain Room – contains valuable collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain

Banqueting halls – designed by Knobelsdorff from 1740-47

White Room – rococo room in soft pastel tones with rich golden ornamentation.

And the biggest tourist attraction is park ground, one of the most idyllic oases in the city. The prime highlight of the park is a Mausoleum constructed by Schinel in the style of a temple, which contains the sarcophagi of Queen Luise and Friedrich Wilhelm III.

The Pavilion constructed by Schinkel in the classical style, first as a summer house, is the perfect setting for the furniture, pictures and sculptures being displayed, conjuring up the life and style of the early 19th century.

Glimpse of the Spectacular Garden at Schloss Charlottenburg


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